Plugin Features

Here is a detailed description of most of the features and how they work here.

Economy Support

Night Market hooks into your favorite economy plugin using Vault to make purchasing support your economy.

PlayerPoints Support

Night Market hooks into PlayerPoints to let you use it as a server currency and let your players purchase items with real life money.


Night Market has customizable rarities that lets your players get the sensation of earning an exclusive or rare items, these rarities are also used to randomize your players' Night Markets.

Rarity Discounts

Night Market has customizable rarity discounts which lets you have more control over the minimum and the maximum discount that players can get.

Default Lore's

Night Market has a powerful lore system that creates a lore for each item automatically, you can find all the default lore's in the menu.yml config file.

Custom Model Data Support

With resource packs being used more often in servers, Night Market has full support Custom Model Data support in order to let you create awesome GUI's and icons for your Night Market.

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