Plugin Features

Here is a detailed description of most of the features and how they work here.

Economy support

Player Warps hooks into your favorite economy plugin using Vault to make warp setting, naming, teleport and resetting support your economy. You can control the entire cost system in the config.yml.

World Support

Player Warps supports worlds, so you can only set warps in a list of worlds. Soon, Player Warps will support warps per world. You can control this functionality in the config.yml.

Warp Categories

Player Warps has warp categories so your players can set a warp into its specific category using the command /pw category <warp> <category>. The category name is determined in the guis/category.yml of each item title. You will need this permission to add a warp to a category pw.category.<category>. View more about permissions of categories here.

You can also set per teleport prices for each categories by using adding the following key to the category teleport-price. Please note the cost command still overrides this though.

Proxy Support

Player Warps supports multi server warp teleporting and listing, for this to work you will need to make sure you have MySQL setup properly. You can setup MySQL in the config.yml, and easily convert your data from SQLite to MySQL easily. You will need to make sure that the server names match up exactly from Bungeecord or Velocity in the Player Warps config.yml.

Player Warps entirely runs on the backend and doesn't need to be placed on the proxy.

Discord Alerts

Player Warps supports discord notifications using discord webhooks and Player Warps' warp discord addon. Make sure that you enable the expansion in the Player Warps expansions.yml and then configure the options correctly.

If you're struggling where to find a Discord webhook URL you can follow the steps below:

  1. Right click on the discord channel you wish to send alerts to

  2. Then click on "Edit channel"

  3. Click on "Integrations"

  4. Click on "Webhooks"

  5. Click on "New Webhook"

  6. Finally, click on "Copy Webhook URL"

Warp Menus

Player Warps has a verity of menus that make it easily usable for a player. Here is a list of the current menus and what they do.

  • Player Warps Menu - This menu shows a list of all the warps that are currently on the server.

  • Search Menu - This menu lets players search for warps (by warp name) that are currently in that menu. You can also search warps by the players full name as well.

  • My Warps Menu - This menu shows a list of all the warps the player owns and can easily easily open the Manage Warp menu for that specific warp.

  • Manage Warp Menu - This menu gives the player ability to manage the warp easily in a menu.

  • Category Menu - This menu shows all the available categories that are on the server and will open the Player Warps menu.

  • Favorite Warps Menu - This menu shows all the warps the player has marked as a favorite.

  • Visited Warps Menu - This menu shows all the recently warps the player has visited.

  • Visit Edit Menu - This menu gives players ability to manage the warp as a visitor, like rating, mark it as a favorite or teleport to it. You can right click a warp in the Player Warps menu to open this menu.

Warp Purging

There are currently 3 types of different warp purging in Player Warps, Here is a list of the current types of purges and how they work. You can control this functionality in the config.yml.

  • Offline Player Purging - This purges all the warps owned by a player if they was offline for a certain amount of days.

  • Warp Day Purging - This purges warps that have been created for a certain amount of days.

  • Limit Purging - This purges some warps from the player if they no longer can create that amount of warps.

Unsafe Warp Detection

There is an automatic safe detection for warps if they are safe or not, Player Warps checks if a warp is unsafe if there are blacklisted blocks around the warp, you can manage this in the config.yml.

Warning, in 1.13+ due to Mojang's chunk system, it is very resource efficient. If you are using Paper, Player Warps will attempt to load the chunk asynchronously to reduce the amount of load on the CPU if you're not using paper the server will load the chunk synchronously and might cause lag on the server.

Warp Rating

Warp rating gives players the ability to rate a players warp depending on how good they think the warp is. You can rate a warp via the Visit Edit menu or executing /pw rate <warp> <rate>. You can change what the rate is out of in the config.yml.

Warp Locking

Warp locking allows players to lock their own warps so other players cannot view and teleport to the warp. The owner of the warp can still teleport to the warp by executing /pw <warp> or teleport it through the My Warps menu.

Warp Whitelists

Warp whitelisting allows players to only allow specific players to teleport to the warp, only the owner of the warp can manage this. For you to enable the whitelist, you will need to add a player to the whitelist for the warp to be come whitelisted.

Sponsor warps is a feature that warps are shown on the front page of the category menu, if you wish to edit the prices or times, you can edit them in guis/category.yml. Players do have a limit on how many slots they can sponsor, this can also be changed.

Server Warps

Server warps is a feature that allows you to create warps in the plugin but to be filtered as a server warp. For you to be able to create a server warp, its pretty simple. If you want to create a server warp that doesn't exist, you can use the command /pw set <name> server with the permission pw.admin.set. If you want to set an existing warp to a server warp you can use the command /pw setowner <name> server to set the warp to a server warp.

Players with admin permissions can only control the warp once its a server warp and you can also revert this action by setting it back to a normal warp using the setowner command with a players name.

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