Player Auctions

Let your players sell/bid items, automatic category detection, cross-server support and more.

What does it do?

Player Auctions grants players the ability to buy and sell items through an auction house. The plugin also supports item categories to make item-finding easier!

Plugin Requirements

  • Vault (It'll still work even though it hasn't been updated to the latest version of MC)


Player Auctions contains support for other plugins, and unique features that other plugins doesn't contain! You can check a more detailed description of each feature for Player Auctions here.

Supported Plugins

You can view the supported plugins and information here.

Want to request a feature?

You can request a feature in our discord and we will be more than happy to implement it!


You can download the latest version of Player Auctions either on the resource page here, or you can also download it from the Olzie Development website here.

Development Builds

You can view our development builds here or on our discord, there may be bugs and issues in the build so do not run the build on a public server until you know its 100% working.

If there is an issue with the build, you can report it in our discord server and we will fix it immediately.

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