Here you can view all the configuration and options for Player Auctions.

Plugin Files

Here are the latest plugin files, the plugin should automatically generate/update the files. If the plugin hasn't generated them make sure you've got the plugin requirements listed here. If you want to test your YAML syntax you can test it here.

Command Actions

Command actions are an easy way you to customize and execute all sorts of functions when an event is triggered, here are the latest command actions for Player Auctions.
Execute a command as the player.
[player] spawn
Send a message to the player.
[message] &aHello!
Send a message to all online players.
[broadcast] &aHello World!
Execute a command as the server.
[server] spawn %player%
Wait for the user to enter a value in chat.
[chat_wait] &aEnter a number:[message] &aYou said %value%
Give a player money.
[add_money] 500
Take money from a player.
[take_money] 500
Broadcast a message to
players with the permission.
[perm_broadcast] message.view &aHello!
Play a sound to the player.
[sound] AMBIENT_CAVE volume pitch

RGB & Hex Color

If you want to use RGB colors in Player Auctions you can use the following format: (only supports 1.16+)

JSON Formatting

Player Auctions supports the ability to use JSON formatting in your messages, for you to add clickable commands, hover events and more!
If you wish to add colors to your JSON text, you'll find that the client will stop registering the color when it goes on the next line. You can use the in-built JSON color to solve that.
For you to easily create the JSON format, you can use this site here and start to create text. Then copy the command it gives you and remove the /tellraw @pfrom the command so its just JSON.
Also, make sure you select the version below on the site that you're using, have fun creating cool looking JSON messages!
If you need some help formatting or using the site to format your JSON, come and join our discord and we will help you!

External Sources

You may want to use some external links to help you when configurating Player Auctions.
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