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1. Why cant my players sell any items?

You will need a permissions plugin, and give them the permission pa.limit.<auctions>. For example: pa.limit.1 - can sell one item.

If you wish for players to have infinite auctions, you can give them pa.limit.*!

2. Can I edit/remove/add auction categories?

Yes, you can. You can go into the folder, /guis/category.yml and go to the bottom and manage the categories there.

3. Why can't I add empty lines to item descriptions?

There is a feature disabled by default the empty lines will automatically be removed in the description, you can disable this in the config.yml

4. Where do I change the category name?

You can change the category name in the guis/category.yml, some people do get confused between the difference of the item name and the category name. The category item name is under "name" whereas the category name is quite hidden, its the section name.

    all: # <--- # This is the name of category.
      displayname: "All" # <---- This is the display name of the category. This is what will be used to show to the player.
      name: "&bAll Auctions" # <---- this is the item name
      material: BOOK
      data: 0
        - "&eClick&b to view all the auctions."
      slot: 4
      amount: 1

You might question yourself, how do you I specify its an all category if I change the name? Player Auctions will always recognise that the all category is the first category listed in the configuration file no matter what.

5. How do I change the currency prefix?

You can change the currency prefix in the category.yml where all the currencies are listed. Yes, we're aware its a very weird place to change it, but currencies are implemented as expansions so thats why they're listed there.

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