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1. Why can't my players set any warps?

You will need a permissions plugin, and give them the permission pw.limit.<warps>. For example: pw.limit.1 - can set one warp.

If you wish for players to have infinite warps, you can give them pw.limit.*!

2. Can I edit/remove/add warp categories?

Yes, you can. You can go into the folder, /guis/category.yml and go to the bottom and manage the categories there.

3. Why can't my players set their warp to a category?

You will need to give them two permissions, pw.category to access the command and pw.category.<category name>. If you wish to give them all categories You can give pw.category.* for all categories.

4. Why does the description go on the next line?

You can edit how many characters are on each line of the description in the config.yml.

5. When I execute a sub command like "lock". Why does it say that warp does not exist?

The plugin thinks you're trying to teleport to that warp as the command is disabled in the config.yml. Enable it and it should work!

6. Why do skulls not appear/dont work in the GUI?

If you're running 1.12 you will need to set the material to SKULL_ITEM with a data of 3. If you're running 1.13+ the material will need to be PLAYER_HEAD!

7. Why can’t players teleport/view the warps in the shop category?

In the /guis/category.yml there is a default permission pw.view.shop just for that category. You can either give the permission or just remove it from the category in the file.

8. How do I change the teleport message in chat?

Some people get confused with the broadcast when someone teleports to a warp in the config.yml and the message that gets sent to the owner when someone teleports to their warp in the lang folder.

If you wish to remove the broadcast, simply go into your config.yml and search for [broadcast] and you should find it.

9. Why can't I add empty lines to item descriptions?

There is a feature disabled by default the empty lines will automatically be removed in the description, you can disable this in the config.yml

10. Where can I change the warp sponsor costs?

You can change the warp sponsor costs in the /guis/category.yml right at the bottom of the configuration file.

10. Where do I change the category name?

You can change the category name in the guis/category.yml, some people do get confused between the difference of the item name and the category name. The category item name is under "name" whereas the category name is quite hidden, its the section name.

    all: # <--- # This is the name of category.
      displayname: "All" # <---- This is the display name of the category. This is what will be used to show to the player.
      name: "&bAll Warps" # <---- this is the item name
      material: BOOK
      data: 0
        - "&dClick&b to view all the warps."
      slot: 4
      amount: 1

You might question yourself, how do you I specify its an all category if I change the name? Player Warps will always recognise that the all category is the first category listed in the configuration file no matter what.

11. How do I create a sever warp?

There are 2 ways to create a server warp, its not very intuitive at first but its pretty simple! If you want to create a new warp, then you can use /pw set <warp> server this will create a server warp. If you want to change an existing warp thats already created, you can use /pw setowner <warp> server to change the owner!

Please note to create server warps, you will need the permission pw.admin.set!

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