Plugin Features

Here is a detailed description of most of the features and how they work here.

Economy Support

Player Economy provides an economy, it depends on vault so it can be used as a bridge to connect other plugins with the economy. Currently, Player Economy only provides a virtual currency, this will be changed in the future.

MySQL Support

Player Economy supports MySQL so you can connect player's data to your database. You can setup MySQL in the config.yml, and easily convert your data from SQLite to MySQL easily.


Player Economy provides a unique balance per player, you can give other players money from their bank account by using the command /pay <player> <amount>. You can also compete with other players on the server by viewing the leader board on /baltop. You can withdraw your money by using the command /withdraw <amount>. You can find more information on withdrawing below.


In Player Economy, you can withdraw your virtual balance into a physical item for you to fairly trade with another player. You can also merge banknote by clicking a banknote onto another banknote in the inventory to merge into one banknote. If you wish to redeem all, you can shift and click to claim all of the banknotes.

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