Lang Configuration
Here you can view all the configuration, examples and options for creating messages in Player Auctions.

Language Support

Player Auctions supports multi language support currently there is no languages other than English many languages that it supports, that's where you can help us! If you wish, you can give us your translation of Player Auctions and we will upload it to our webserver where every server can access it in the lang folder.
If you wish to change the plugin language you can change

JSON Messages

Player Auctions supports the ability to use JSON formatting in your messages, for you to add clickable commands, hover events and more!
If you wish to add colors to your JSON text, you'll find that the client will stop registering the color when it goes on the next line. You can use the in-built JSON color to solve that.
For you to easily create the JSON format, you can use this site here and start to create text. Then copy the command it gives you and remove the /tellraw @pfrom the command so its just JSON.
Also, make sure you select the version below on the site that you're using, have fun creating cool looking JSON messages!
If you need some help formatting or using the site to format your JSON, come and join our discord and we will help you!

Message Placeholders

Player Auctions supports all types of message placeholders that you can use in your messages, there are two types of placeholders and these are global and individual. Global placeholders allow you to use these placeholders in any message of the plugin. Individual placeholders are only set placeholders for that specific message.
Here is a list of the current global placeholders. Remember, you can also use PlaceholderAPI placeholders in all the messages as well.
Shows the prefix set in your lang file.
Shows the players name that is receiving the message.
Shows the display name of the player that is receiving the message.
If you're looking for the individual placeholders, the default placeholders that can be used in that message is in the default configuration for that message already.
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